Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Nose jewellery

On Monday I treated myself to something I had wanted for a long time: a septum ring. Sadly it is not the real kind since I don't have the money to get proper piercings at the moment, but this will do for the time being.
So much has changed in Helsinki since I've been away that I accidentally went into a local store selling slightly hippie-ish things instead of the familiar alternative store that had moved next door to it. (The alternative store had always sold very similar clothing to theirs, but I did get a little suspicious when there was nothing but that style for sale.) Even with the mistake, I was happy with the selection I got to choose from and the ring ended up costing only 5 euros.

So far I have really enjoyed wearing it, though I keep feeling it even when it's not in place anymore! It's comfortable, it's light, it's cute, and it's not too in-your-face. (My mom isn't too thrilled with it though.) The only downside of the ring is its size. My nose is so big and the ring is so small that I feel like it gets lost in my face. As you can see from the photos it is really tiny.
The next ring I get will hopefully have a bigger design and I'm hoping to have black rings as well as more silver ones. I think those would pop out a bit more. Next time I'll also make sure to walk into the right store, so I will have a bigger and more versatile selection to choose from, haha.

I added a video on Instagram to give a little more idea on the way it looks. I think these rings are something I could start collecting, it would be like a little cheap present for myself every now and then.

Video, jonka Anna (@spookyloop) julkaisi

Stay spooky!


  1. It looks so good! I love septum rings, but I always feel a bit weird wearing fake ones. I guess I'm afraid someone will call me out for it not being real. Eep. It's nice to see someone else wearing one.

    1. Thank you! I'm a bit unsure whether I can get piercings around my nose and mouth for medical reasons so this is the only safe way to go before I find any more out. I don't really mind it being fake, at least it's something!